Special Ed & Tutoring

Mathnasium Vaughan



2810 Major Mackenzie Dr. Vaughan

our risk-free assessments create custom learning plans that pin point your child's specific learning needs.  With year-round programs providing consistency and flexibility and specially trained instructors will teach your child how to understand math with our unique approach.

Complex Injury Rehab

 Occupational Therapy addressing overall development, gross/fine motor skills, cognitive/academic skills, feeding, social skills and behaviour.  Cogmed Working MemoryTraining to improve attention and memory and in turn academic performance.  Baseline measurement of cognitive function, mood, social, behavioural,
fine motor and balance skills is available using the BrainFx 360 assessment

Multilingual Kids


 Multilingual Kids is a unique ITALIAN, FRENCH & SPANISH language  program for children.  We teach language through the use of songs, instruments, poems, rhymes, dance and games all in a playful setting  while enhancing your child's intellectual, social and physical  development.  Private classes are also available.